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whirl wind in motion
It is almost here... I have been working 8 months toward a goal which arrives next weekend!!!!! I am so excited, happy, nervous, stressed, worried that it all goes well. I have been neglecting my small space here in the blogging world but will be back very soon. 
Next week will be the busiest yet so I spent the day resting. Natural food was called for today to keep my health up! 
Green smoothies and Broccoli potato cheese soup. Both soooooo very yummy
Green smoothie; 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 cup spinach 1/2 cup Greek yogurt  1/8 tsp Chia seeds 1 frozen banana 1 cup frozen berries
That's it! Just blend it all until smooth. I don't add a sweetener but you might if you eat sugary things. Just add a bit of honey or Maple to taste. Some times I add oatmeal and omit the chia seeds for a breakfast smoothie
Broccoli Potato Cheese soup;  (this recipe is made with a blender on soup mode) 1 1/2 cup steamed and …

One Thousand Gifts

Short list today many blessing not listed but appreciated in my heart
~ Spending time with my husband (This is a daily blessing)
~ Weekend outings with my sweet husband
~ Sweet hot chocolate on a cool morning with my love
~ The comfort of a new bed 
~ A brother in law on the mend after a really bad scare
~ Labor Day weekend and BBQ
~ Mint Ice Cream mmmmmm
~ September a fun month filled with birthday celebrations 
~ New Dot to Dot book to do... I love Dot to Dots... over a thousand dots to connect 
# 387 Parcels in the mail! I love receiving things in the mail! 
Inspired by this lovely lady

The Real May Date

In May We had our last date month because I went a little down hill... Now that I am feeling better we decided to start them back up again. Our date in May was to go to "Magic Carpet" Golf land but it was closed so we went to a movie... Now they are open again so we went on a date! It was a fun day

Thank you my love for all the fum memories we are making this year! I love you

Granny's Box of Papers

Part 3 of 3 This magazine was printed the same year that my Granny was born. This must have belonged either to her mother or her grandmother before her. But the great thing is that she kept it all these years. Again I cannot help but wonder how many times she leafed through the pages wishing for some things within.

Unpleasant duty... Looks like there was dishonesty going on even in that year... Below the measurements for their attire   Jewelry... Some styles still in fashion today  Every gentle woman would not be found without a handkerchief... today a sleeve will do... just kidding
 Lace  Time pieces  Hair accessories   Children's clothes
 Woman's unmentionables
 Fur... There was no PETA back then  Styles for the wealthy woman of that day

 Carefulness in manufacturing This was on the first page... an example of the first coat made by the "National" 25 years ago in 1888-1889... Can you imagine? I love the dress and coat but cannot see myself wearing either for ever…

One Thousand Gifts

~ Gold ribbon clouds last night (have I ever mentioned that I love clouds? lol)

~ Watching my project start to come together after eight months... one more to go (more on this later I promise)

~ The turning of foliage everywhere announcing the return of cooler weather to come! Yay

~ Brand new crisp linens

~ A learned folding & stuffing technique for fitted sheets & sheet sets making my closet look much more organized

~ A Birthday surprise dinner made and enjoyed by my father in law... I love to cook for him it makes my heart happy and because he enjoys it so much Recipe found here This one is a keeper! sooooooo good

~ Being invited by him to share his home cooked birthday meal! which I did not plan on and tasted "OH" soooo good! Did I mention that this recipe was good? lol

~ Sharing a good laugh with my sweet husband over our little dogs who's antics are sometimes extremely comical

# 377 Feeling much better after a small set back for a couple months! This getti…