Up Close and Personal

Ohhhhh I had a fun and exciting visit with this herd of horses tonight and one in particular as I stepped out of my car. The pictures are blurry as I was so excited my hands were shaking lol

Here is where it got exciting... This little pretty started down my drive. He didn't stop coming towards me and I was amazed that he kept coming!

 Here he stopped and tried to see if I was a threat or not

When I didn't seem a threat to him he came closer and gave me a small snort and a big sniff. He is standing less than three feet in front of me. I am sure that he wanted some food but we are not allowed to feed them. When I didn't produce he went on his way

Pretty brave little one! I feel so happy that he came up to me but I do have to admit to a momentary start of fear as this is a wild animal and must be about thousand plus pounds. But he was just curious about this funny looking lady lol and hoping to get some food... Our early freeze killed all the wild fruiting trees including ours and other bushes and the drought has killed more of the natural vegetation... and they are hungry. Last year we had people feeding them but one was killed, hit by a car and so they are strictly in forcing the no feeding ordnance. Its sad really... I wish I could help them.


  1. Beautiful and exciting...I get that it must be really hard not to leave some food around for them. But I guess you are not helping them any by feeding them. Thanks for sharing though the great pics. xxxx

    1. Thank you Bron! Yes I was so happy to have this close encounter lol


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