Trial gone bad

I have a function coming up a pot luck kind of function and I love to take things that are not new but tried and true! I thought (although I've never done this before) I would try corn cobbettes on the BBQ. My sweet husband made me dinner Sunday night and I thought that I could sneak these on the grill. Well I did not watch them very well and the below product was the outcome lol Opps I guess I left them on too long.... I started to open them and peeked at some black mess... I thought "oh no that can't be good" My next thought was "Well I love burnt popcorn and hot dogs maybe..." Yuck! Nope... burnt corn is terrible! I guess a trial run was just what I needed before I presented these at the party lol Oh well back to the cook books lol


  1. Oh Dear...thank goodness for time to do a test run x


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