Strawberry Honey Cornbread

I have always loved cornbread especially the kind with real corn kernels inside but when I found this recipe Here on I wanted to give it a try. Well I finally made some time and am sooooo happy that I did. Mai-Lis was right when she said this was moist and flavorful! Get the Recipe here 
It's very easy to make. Mai-Lis recommends using a 9 inch square baking pan but I wanted to use my cast iron skillet. I worried that it might not cook properly in such a thick pan... So while pre-heating the oven I slipped my skillet inside to preheat as well. If you look at the picture below and to the top edge you can see it bubbling up after I poured the mix in the hot pan. Immediately I could smell it starting to cook mmm. Then I popped it in the 400 Deg oven and cooked it for 25 minutes
 Just look at that I can hardly wait to taste it
 Okay you will have to excuse me a minute as I take a bite...... Mmmm Oh Yea! fantastic 


  1. I ma not familiar with corn does look delicious though. xx

    1. Corn bread is something that not everyone likes but I happen to do. It has a tiny bit of a gritty texture along with being soft and crumbly. It's not a very sweet bread unless you add sweetener to it. Hummm I don't make it sound very appetizing lol xx


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