My brain is in constant motion... and the only time my brain quiets is when I sleep. Well that can be debated especially with the dream I had last night lol. But some mornings I have many random thoughts running rampant in my brain before I am fully awake. This morning was one of those mornings! I will spare you most and only share a few!

We are all living on this earth bumping into each other and non of us has a clue. Well we think we do based upon our experiences in life. It would take to long to explain my thinking behind this thought... wayward randomness number 1

What thoughts were going through my pack of dogs minds last night when I came home and they all howled at me at the same time??? it's so funny and cute. Randomness number 2

Why does Chester Copper Bottom sleep on the bottom of his tank? I didn't think fish sleep like that silly Chester! Randomness number 3

Sewing, cleaning, more writing in my story, company this weekend, obsessing about doing my new route properly, fixing my lunch for work, reading that book laying on my desk, getting to that dust collecting in sand dune size mounds everywhere, washing the window that the dogs use as a tissue (Gross), Chester needs his house cleaned, mail invitations, purchase party supplies, putting the clothes in the dryer I washed last night for work today... Oh! hold on a sec... phew! Okay. Randomness number 4

If Veggies are better for you then why don't they taste like chocolate? Randomness number 5

Now that I can sleep-in why OH WHY? do I wake up at 5:30 am every morning? Randomness number 6

And lastly my most favorite randomness from my son when he was about 5 years old

Son: Mom?
Me" Yes
Son: If the world was an egg and you cracked it... Would we all fall out?
Me biting my tongue and stifling a laugh: What made you think of that?
Son: Well if the world is round it could break easy

How do you explain that one I thought? Kids... see that just validates randomness number 1 lol

You have to love random thinking what is your randomness like today?


  1. They are really random ....it is always good to dump those things out though and have a fresh start ...for it all to fill again xxxx

    1. Right! LOL My brain works in weird ways xxxx

  2. "If veggies are better for you, why don't they taste like chocolate?" Now that is a very good question!

    1. LOL Yes! If veggies taste like chocolate I would be eating them all the time lol But I do have to say that I love them anyway

  3. Replies
    1. I love the way my son thought when he was young! They are so fun learning all the different things in life xx


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