One Thousand Gifts

~ Summer fruit

~ Tantalizing Salads

~ Sweet Root beer my down fall

~ Good books to read

~ Girlfriends

~ A comfortable place to rest my head

~ Helpful co-workers

~ Being able to smell the pine trees everyday on my new route (One of two favorite scents)

~ The other is sage of which I am highly allergic and we have a plethora of here in Reno

~ Soft tissue for allergies

~ Being recognized at work for a job well done

~ Lake Tahoe showing some beginning signs of Autumn

~ Finally getting through the last of the boxes in my front room for storage Yay!

~ Learning new things all the time (Life's lessons... corn cobbettes need I say more LOL)

~ The color blue

~ Getting in touch with friends after 30+ years

~ Random thoughts (I'm thinking of making a short book of random thoughts lol)

~ Much needed "Quiet time"

~ Lemon scented lotion

# 341 A most special visit from a calm and very sweet wild horse in my drive way

Inspired by this lovely lady 


  1. It is all in the small details! That encounter with the horse sounds amazing! Have a nice weekend!


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