One Thousand Gifts

~ Getting to know my new Lake Tahoe route up close and personal... Hopefully not to close lol

~ The face splitting smile I received from the senior citizen crossing the street pushing her cart

~ The soft thunder and rain each night for the last week (it's August it should be 100+ outside

~ Grayish black clouds (always my favorite weather)

~ Thankful for the cool weather as our Air conditioner's STILLLLLL........broken

~ More material from my grams stuff gifted to me by mom

~ Looking through some of that material and laughing, frowning or just feeling perplexed lol

~ One of the best short stories I've read in a long time (Homeless Bird)

~ Upgraded computer software

~ Sister-in-Laws

~ Brother-in-Laws

~ Receiving a phone call from my first grade niece... she's adorable! I just love her

~ All my nieces and nephews hold a dear and special place in my heart

~ One down! seven more to go! so excited... will reveal later

~ Soft colorful yarn... warms my heart and makes me happy all over (Silly I know lol)

~ Wax scent warmers

~ A hug from a kind co-worker

~ Something new!!! I don't want to brag so I won't say what it is but isn't it fun getting anything new?

~ Two rescued cockatoos by my sister gifted to another sister for keeping! I am so proud of her for first off the rescue and second for picking the most perfect family to care for them! (I saw pictures and they are adorable and terribly happy to have received them)

~ Salty, buttery hot popcorn mmmmmm

# 321 Breakfast in bed this past Sunday by my sweet husband! I love him so... heart of my heart


  1. What a list! And I do hope you don't get too close to any bears!

    1. I know! I was shocked when I saw that sign... I thought... What happens around here when it's winter and the sun goes down at 4:30pm I won't be able to see the bears in the trees? 4:30 is just about the time I arrive in the back of that building, myself... AND IN THE DARK lol...... I hope they have back lights for me

  2. You are a tease....not sharing all the goodness going on for you....cant wait to hear more about your writing though. xxx

    1. LOL I am sorry, It kind of felt like bragging and that's hard for me to do lol xxx


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