One Thousand Gifts

~ The view from my office window... My new route around Lake Tahoe offers this unbelievable view

~ Changes in life sometimes offer unexpected good things

~ Taking charge of certain situations in my life to a favorable outcome

~ Handing the rest to God

~ The coolest summer I have been through in a while!

~ Watching "Hot August Nights" events all over town with some of the prettiest cars I've seen

~ Excitement with the new book club I started and the girls in it

~ Teaching

~ Thankful for her leadership at my job in Sacramento... Sad that she's now gone

~ Sweet music to carry some troubles away! Did you know music requires use of the full brain?

~ Air conditioners (Now that mine is broken...) Blaahhhhh

~ Root Beer on a hot night

~ Spending time with my sweet baboo

~ Summer hats

# 300 A hand made secret project i'm making for the nursery


  1. Oh Eva, where do,I start with that list....300!!!!!!
    Change is hard but as everyone has given me the advice...good things come around from glad the changes for you are for the best....what a job you have .
    It can't be that long till that nursery will be filled with a little person , it will be one lucky baby having such an excited granny xxxxx

    1. 300... I was so excited to finally reach it lol

  2. What a beautiful view! And so exciting preparing for a baby!


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