New herd

Look who visited our street Saturday

There is a foal in the picture above... Can you see him? I tried to take a picture of him but he layed down before I snapped this picture. He is under the chin of the brown horse

We have had an variety of different herds coming and going through our neighborhood. Some we know and some we don't. The herd that visited us all last summer has not shown up at least to my knowledge. We have no fruit this year as it snowed several weeks after the spring bloom so the horses do not wander into my yard.... so sad... but I do love to see them up close and personal


  1. Wow! So exciting! I love horses!

    1. It's such a treat to see them I get excited and run and grab my camera and try to capture them when I can! x

  2. I do love seeing your horse visitors...can't believe that it is that time again though. Xxxx

    1. As the summer goes on they are coming out more and more! But it is so sad that we do not have any apples on our trees this year because of the late snow )-: They don't get desert anymore poor babies xxxx


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