Granny's Box of Papers

Like I have said in the past my gram loved jokes and here is more proof

Yesterday my mother brought two files over for grams box one had a magazine which I will share later and the other was this file titled "Jest a bit of jest" Now the word Jest is not one that I hear used much any more when regarding a joke but this was also the name of a paper that she subscribed to
She cut out the title and pasted it at the top of her first page. Here you can see that she has taped the paper for extra strength (and a bit of mold... Yuck)

My Gran had lived through the "Great Depression Era" and was an extremely frugal woman from then on. And I mean extreme... If we did not finish absolutely every thing on our plates she ate it at the sink before she washed the dishes. I cannot imagine what it was like to live through that time but it affected her for the rest of her life. Below you can see that she pasted her jokes over a already used pieces of paper. The papers seem to be school work that my mother, uncles or she herself had done. Some pages have arithmetic, history or some kind of presidential/political material
Here are a couple jokes I though I could share as I look at most of the jokes they make fun of people and I don't find them funny at all but it just goes to show the mindset of people back then

Kind to dumb animals
A small boy was sent to the store by his mother to buy a chicken.
"Do you want a pullet?" asked the grocer.
"Naw," replied the boy scornfully, I wanna carry it."

Little girl at the drugstore
Little girl; "I want to get some powder for my sister."
Drug Clerk; "You mean the kind that goes off with a big bang?"
Little girl; "No, sir-the kind that goes on a with a small puff."

See.... not funny to me maybe it's my personal lack of humor (although I get the jokes) but I guess that was funny enough for my gram to keep

I continue to be amazed at what she kept and that I had no idea who she really was until she passed. I have decades of journals that she kept and wrote in on a daily basis... although they are just ticking off what she did for the day and not her musings I still treasure them dearly


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