Granny's Box of Papers

Part 2 of 3

I love looking at the pages of this book! Looking at what the women were interested in wearing, the styles of the day... I love it. Below is a picture advertising a book and guess what... That will be next week.


  1. These are fantastic! So interesting!

    1. I had so much fun going through these books! I love looking at what was in style in the early 1900's

  2. These are fabulous, Eva. I love looking at all the old fashions - and the prices are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope all is well with you.

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you I am better. These fashions are so fun! I remember as a child my mother would hand draw some paper dolls for us to play with and would use magazines as the template... These would have been fantastic to play with had she made them.


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