Granny's Box of Papers

A few weeks ago my mom gave me some magazines from my grams collection... Here is the first of three parts

"The Workbasket"

This periodical  as you see was published in 1954 at the high price of 15 cents each. "The Workbasket" has many things for the reader such as...
Thread crafts... Tatted Earrings that I am pretty sure my gram made... She loved to crochet beads and threads to make all kind of wearable items
I have a friend who lives in central California that told me once that Tatting is a lost art... Humm Well I guess it is because I had never heard of Tatting but here is a pattern in this magazine
 A Forum in Flowers and Gardening 
How to make Trellises from Wire hangers... I love this idea
 Want ads
 Directions to make a "Swanky" dish cloth... lol so cute
Even a patterns on the back page for purchase
The magazine also goes on to tell how to make money selling your items after completion and the do's and don'ts while making them. Like "Wash your hands, Take your time, Use quality supplies and not to over charge. I can just see my gram swiping through the pages with ideas flooding her thoughts


  1. I haven't heard of tatting either... Look at those tiny waists!

    1. I know! My gram had a very tiny waist most all her life! I remember taking a tour once through a Mansion and the tour guide said that the people who lived in the mid 1800's were all small of stature and girth. They compared the size of a grown man to the size of an 12 to 14 year old teen of our time today


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