Granny's Box of Papers

My Gran loved to write letters, she would write to everyone! She taught me to do the same. She kept most every letter ever written to her but as the years went by she could no longer read them so most got tossed or given back to the author as a historical record but some special letters were kept. Here is one that shows how much my gran meant to others
Can you see the underlined verse on the lower left picture? the saying is underlined showing emphasis
The letter is as follows

Dear Sister Acree,                                                                                                   Feb 19, 1987
Some how this season of expressing love to our family and friends does not feel right without my expressing my love to you.

I want you to know how much you have helped me as an individual by your example of unconditional love that you show not to just a select few but to everyone whom you know.

I appreciate your emulating the teachings of the Savior daily in your life and not only on the Sabbath.

Your children surely must rise up and call you blessed. What a beautiful lesson in your children's lives to have a mother who not only reads the savior's teachings but lives them as well.

As a young wife and mother you have silently encouraged me to try to be as good an example to my family as I see you being to everyone.

You must hold a choice place in our Heavenly Fathers heart -  I just know that Heavenly Mother will have the same kind face and smile as you.

Our ward has been richly blessed by your presence. Many of the members owe you a debt of gratitude.

Thank you for being the person you are... You truly are a "Valentine" for our ward.

May the Lord bless you with every blessing you need because you are so special. I consider myself blessed to associate with you.

"Love, A grateful Sister"

I am sure that my gran was deeply touched by this letter! She really did serve others without complaint and with a happy heart. I can remember her being overwhelmed one day and unable to assist someone who needed a ride. She called and told this person that she was very sorry but she could not accommodate them that day. After she hung up not ten minutes went by before she was out the door to assist this person and re arraigning her own life around them. It was just the way she was. A really great example to me and others... I love you and miss you Gram


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