One Thousand Gifts

~ Loving that things are a bit less hectic in my life

~ Feeling able to continue my joy in recording the gifts in my life

~ Having such a great group of blogging buddy's

~ Finding a beautiful flowering plant to gift to a excellent Doctor

~ A loving, caring mother

~ A loving, caring father

~ A big change up at work... Still undecided if it's a good thing but trusting in the Lord

~ A fantastic B-Day gift coming from almost half way around the world to me... Loving it xxxx

~ The feeling of great happiness in my heart when looking at that gift

~ Summer chicken salad

~ The discovery of a new farmers market with unbelievable fruit and veggies and more!

~ Getting to hear the heart beat of my unborn grandson

~ The love of a sweet puppy so happy to be with me

~ The finding of new places to visit thanks to a fellow bloggers great ideas!

~ Watching the newest wild baby foal wandering our neighborhood

~ Summer thunderstorms bring a bit of rain with sweet scents and a cooling from the heat

# 285 enjoying the coolest summer we've had for a couple years


  1. Wow baby heartbeats......that must be the most magical thing in the world......and I am honored to be included in your are doing so well # 285 ...good job xxx

    1. It was so sweet... It reminded me of when I as expecting my little ones and I heard their heart beat for the first time!

  2. Such a wonderful list! Have a beautiful weekend! And to hear that heartbeat! X

    1. Thank you Jandi! It was a sweet treat x


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