July 4th Independence Day

When our children were small we would spend the day celebrating with family and friends but now that they are all grown my husband and I celebrate in a different way, the easy way, the slow way and the early to bed way lol.
Baby sitting our little fur grandchild... 
she's is protecting her (diy soap box lid) Frisbee while drinking making sure to keep an 
eye on us so we won't steal it away from her... She is so funny

 Enjoying the pretty rose days after it was delivered to me by my parents... 
It's a get well gift... 
Sure put a smile on my sad face lol
 Lunch out with the in-laws
always a pleasant affair
I found two books at Sam's Club that I am really looking forward to reading
The first is about the children of Villains that have been banned to an island with their magic powers stripped and the bottom one is about brain power... I really need this one lol
 And a hot summer rain, thunder clouds, lightning and a bit of flooding
It was extremely pleasant siting outside under an awning soaking in this beautiful weather
Overall a wonderful quiet day spent with my LOML... (love of my life)
Any and all time spent with him is nothing but the purest form of wonderful...
Heart of my heart 


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Your dog is too funny! And hope you are well. And your lunch looks delish!


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