DIY Butter

This book is a interesting read and I have enjoyed it. Within this book I found a recipe for butter. The taste of Margarine's or fake butters have never appealed to me. The taste is just bad, its watery and does not melt all the way... YUCK! 

Butter has always been my choice. My Nana always made sure when she came for visits that I had some butter on hand for her breakfast toast in the mornings She told me that she would never eat fake butter. 

So I made some today... It's creamy and tastes really good! I had my doubts but not now. Here is one of the many sites I glanced at to get instructions.
All you need is Heavy Whipping Cream and a mixer, blender, processor, Kitchen aid or even a canning jar. You can search pinterest or the internet for specific instructions on any of the procedures. I used my kitchen-aid it was easy peasy. It did the work while I did laundry... Haha multitasking 
What ever method you choose just whip it, blend it, process it or shake it until it separates into butter milk and hard butter. What your left with on the bottom is Butter milk save it and use it in another recipe.
Next you need to wash your butter 
As butter melts fast in heat I used Ice water to assist in keeping the butter hard 
(I didn't add the ice only the water)
You can see in each of the three washes the water became more clear until I could see the bottom easily. Do as many washes as needed until the waters clear. Discard the washing water do not use it. At this point some people recommend kneading the butter but it's Hot! Summer here so I just pressed the water out. Do not skip this step... you will be surprised how much water will squeeze out of your drained butter
 During the washing faze I covered the mixer because the washing water was flying everywhere
 Here is what you are left with... Real, Pure, Clean Butter!!!
 I placed it in a clean jar in the fridge
 I wanted a go at Strawberry butter so I added 4 strawberries and half the butter in my processor

 It didn't mix well maybe 4 berries were to many
But the taste was a party in my mouth! It's not sweet like sugary spreads but I prefer the natural flavor
This picture did not show the butter well... but how do you take a pic of melted butter anyway lol Sooooo Very yummy! I find myself looking forward to tomorrow mornings breakfast! 7 grain bread with fresh strawberry butter.... Visions of spread will be dancing in my head.... lol


  1. so wonderful to make your own butter! x

    1. It was so fun Jandi! and kind of a thrill to make. I think about a time when everyone would make their own butter... I bet it was not a thrill for them lol just a chore

  2. Oh, Eva, this must taste delicious. The strawberry butter on toast has my mouth watering. I'll have to give this a try.

    1. It was really delicious and the strawberries just made it a real treat

  3. Wow that is so clever...and strawberries too. Yum xxxxxx

    1. Thank you! It was so fun! I have a recipe for cast iron strawberry honey cornbread I want to try this weekend... Exited about that one!


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