Bethadilly Picture Challenge

I started following Bethadilly for her picture challenges. I have tried daily picture challenges before and it became very tedious for me. But now I find the need to be grounded and so a little Tediousness is in order

July 11th 2015 Loyal
My two sweet fur children are so very loyal

The one in the back ground with racoon eyes will not eat if I am not home so I really have to be careful with him... When I come home at night he jumps running all around the house and even howls like a wolf it's so adorable... Then he has to bring me his favorite baby toy of the day and we play tug-o-war

The one in the foreground gets so excited that he barks... but its not a normal bark, he barks with his whole body its comical. Sometimes I think he is a magnet because when you sit down he is already attached to your side. That makes it a bit hard to get up sometimes as he thinks that I am his pillow lol but its all love and we all need it whether animal or hoooman :)

Update: I will only be posting my Bethadilly pics once a week on Saturdays. but the picture taking will happen every day giving me a mission to pursue... I love taking pictures, I think the fun is in the hunt! AND!!!!!! I have to say that I love this new app called "pic tap go" great app

Update to my update: I have decided to continue my Bethadilly daily pic challenge on Instagram as it is much easier and less hassle 


  1. That is a wonderful photo of your two pals. Aren't you lucky to have them waiting for you when you get home from work. These animals of ours certainly light up our lives, don't they.

    1. Thank you Susan, They sure do make a big difference with all the tremendous love they offer to us

  2. They look cheeky indeed. Xxx

    1. LOL.. they are so fun and keep me busy and sometimes crazy lol but I love them xx


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