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One Thousand Gifts

~ Loving that things are a bit less hectic in my life

~ Feeling able to continue my joy in recording the gifts in my life

~ Having such a great group of blogging buddy's

~ Finding a beautiful flowering plant to gift to a excellent Doctor

~ A loving, caring mother

~ A loving, caring father

~ A big change up at work... Still undecided if it's a good thing but trusting in the Lord

~ A fantastic B-Day gift coming from almost half way around the world to me... Loving it xxxx

~ The feeling of great happiness in my heart when looking at that gift

~ Summer chicken salad

~ The discovery of a new farmers market with unbelievable fruit and veggies and more!

~ Getting to hear the heart beat of my unborn grandson

~ The love of a sweet puppy so happy to be with me

~ The finding of new places to visit thanks to a fellow bloggers great ideas!

~ Watching the newest wild baby foal wandering our neighborhood

~ Summer thunderstorms bring a bit of rain with sweet scents and a cooling from the heat

Birthday Surprise

I received a special gift in the mail last week from almost half way around the world! A friend of mine that lives in Australia sent me a birthday gift. I was so very excited when I opened it to find a "Bron Creation" Bron is so very talented, generous, clever and great at sewing. This is a true treasure to me!
I was very excited and wanted to show off my new bag so I dragged my husband out of the house so that I could break in my new bag! My husband took this picture as I was getting into the car... Not my best but it shows off the bag very well! Thank you so much Bron... I love it! xxxxxx


Remembering a dearly beloved who left us way to early one year ago today. You are missed and loved by many who still carry you in their hearts!

DIY Butter

This book is a interesting read and I have enjoyed it. Within this book I found a recipe for butter. The taste of Margarine's or fake butters have never appealed to me. The taste is just bad, its watery and does not melt all the way... YUCK! 
Butter has always been my choice. My Nana always made sure when she came for visits that I had some butter on hand for her breakfast toast in the mornings She told me that she would never eat fake butter. 
So I made some today... It's creamy and tastes really good! I had my doubts but not now. Here is one of the many sites I glanced at to get instructions. All you need is Heavy Whipping Cream and a mixer, blender, processor, Kitchen aid or even a canning jar. You can search pinterest or the internet for specific instructions on any of the procedures. I used my kitchen-aid it was easy peasy. It did the work while I did laundry... Haha multitasking  What ever method you choose just whip it, blend it, process it or shake it until it separat…

Bethadilly Picture Challenge

I started following Bethadilly for her picture challenges. I have tried daily picture challenges before and it became very tedious for me. But now I find the need to be grounded and so a little Tediousness is in order

July 11th 2015 Loyal My two sweet fur children are so very loyal
The one in the back ground with racoon eyes will not eat if I am not home so I really have to be careful with him... When I come home at night he jumps running all around the house and even howls like a wolf it's so adorable... Then he has to bring me his favorite baby toy of the day and we play tug-o-war
The one in the foreground gets so excited that he barks... but its not a normal bark, he barks with his whole body its comical. Sometimes I think he is a magnet because when you sit down he is already attached to your side. That makes it a bit hard to get up sometimes as he thinks that I am his pillow lol but its all love and we all need it whether animal or hoooman :)

Update: I will only be posting my…

Taking time to calm

It seems like I have been neglecting my blog... I have had things turned upside down in my private life and so have not been very attentive to blogging but when the Whirl wind stops or at least slows down so that I can hop off I will continue my regular posts of gifts and granny's box...  I went through some old pictures of my mothers and found some great pics of her I intend to share later! Until then I will see you soon

July 4th Independence Day

When our children were small we would spend the day celebrating with family and friends but now that they are all grown my husband and I celebrate in a different way, the easy way, the slow way and the early to bed way lol.
Baby sitting our little fur grandchild...  she's is protecting her (diy soap box lid) Frisbee while drinking making sure to keep an  eye on us so we won't steal it away from her... She is so funny

 Enjoying the pretty rose days after it was delivered to me by my parents...  It's a get well gift...  Sure put a smile on my sad face lol  Lunch out with the in-laws always a pleasant affair I found two books at Sam's Club that I am really looking forward to reading The first is about the children of Villains that have been banned to an island with their magic powers stripped and the bottom one is about brain power... I really need this one lol  And a hot summer rain, thunder clouds, lightning and a bit of flooding It was extremely pleasant siting outside…