Refrigerator Oatmeal Breakfast

I found this web site on Pinterest of making an easy no-cook breakfast. As I rise at 4am on work days I find it hard to eat at that time of the day so... I thought this is a perfect make and take meal

It's oatmeal (which I like) with fruit and it looks simple enough right? Haha you may well think but this is me we are talking about lol I make things much more hard on myself than is necessary.

First off I forgot to purchase the Marmalade and next my honey was semi crystallized and did not mix well once added. (I thought it would pppffftttt)

I made it anyway and am looking forwards to eating it tomorrow. I will post an update here later 

Update 6-19-2015 Below is what the semi crystallized honey looks like on the bottom of the jar... It mixed up very well after two days but I will make sure from now on to use regular sugar. The taste was great! I could have used the Marmalade though to make it a bit sweeter but it was okay just the way it was. The Chia seed was the consistency of Tapioca which I love... Over all this was super simple, easy and a winner with me! I will be adding these to my list of breakfasts 


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