One Thousand Gifts

~ Funny smart phone texting mistakes

~ Laughing so hard I cried

~ Receiving a long anticipated  new book in the mail

~ Finding out that new book was personally autographed by the author

~ Reading that new book and LOVING it

~ Learning more about snails than I have ever known and being fascinated with them

~ Really feeling a lot of emotion for the author and her trials

~ Thankful to the fellow blogger for introducing me to that book now one of my favs

~ Finishing the first book in a series of children's books about Taffy

~ Lining up the next four books in that same series of children stories

~ Loving the creative part of writing books

# 268 The Delicious taste of no cook oatmeal breakfast in the morning already pre-made

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  1. that book sounds fascinating! lovely rose xx

    1. It really was a great book but I learned more about snails than I ever thought I could... The book is called "The sound of a wild snail eating" by Elisabeth Tova Bailey


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