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Short but significant list today

~ The sweet ministrations of an elderly couple especially from the man to his wife
          A senior gentle man waiting outside the hospital for the love of his life to come out... barley able to walk himself does a shuffle run to get to the car as his wife exits the building... before she can get to the car he backs up to her so that she did not have to walk far herself. He was a slow shuffler/walker/runner but she was even more slow... 
          Seeing that made my heart smile! It reminds me of my sweet husband rushing around trying to help me out when I am in need. I wonder if these two have shared a life time together as my husband and I have... Well I suppose they would have been together longer but still... The love in their eyes was fixed... There was no doubt about it and they operated in sync with each other... I hope that when my husband and I are 80 something still have that fire behind our eyes even if the body has started quitting. Staying together for years makes for a long marriage but at the same time makes for a particular partnership filled with unmatched love that can be obtained by no other way. I stood in awe with sweet emotions swirling all around me

~ Sweet sounds of piano infusing the hallway
         As I entered the hospital I could hear someone in the Grief room playing the piano which happens occasionally. The piece that was being played was divine...  I imagined the person playing was in a suit maybe with his collar loose a handsome sort, Or maybe a young mother or school student or even one of the staff playing that sweet sound tickling my ears and making me desire to sit and listen over and over again to what ever he or she would play.
          I came to the room and glanced in looking for my handsome man and was surprised... well truth be told shocked. There was a man, a scraggly man who looked like he might not have had a bath in sometime. His hair was so dirty looking that I thought he may have not washed it in six months or more. His clothes were old and unkempt, he wore a worn out hat over his dirty hair and played with his heart... There were several of us that stopped and stood in awe of the master at the piano. After he was done playing we all felt moved enough to applaud and he was so pleasantly surprised that he played another piece for us. The joy on his face was of pure pleasure at being recognized for playing. I always wonder at how what happens in our lives shape our future and the journeys we must endure... 

# 256 Time standing still (This happened a while ago but still lives strong in my heart)
          Have you ever watched a movie where a couple are standing together in the middle of a storm or chaos and they are the only ones moving in real time? Everyone and everything else is in slow motion around them as they talk... Well that happened to me... Truly it did
          It was a family dinner, I was feeling especially thankful for my family and as they all talked to each other and passed around the food I took a real good look. And in my heart I felt my love for all of them swell. I stopped, I looked, I felt an overwhelming sense of love for each of them as I took a moment to really look at them all. Then I felt it... First the sound faded, I could see them moving and talking but the sound was muted. The love was so overwhelming that tears filled my eyes. I could remember hoping that it would last long enough for me to look into the faces of each and everyone of them... and you know what? It did. No one knew, or saw or had any kind of idea to what had just happened to me but it was an amazing gift that I will cherish forever. 

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  1. beautiful moments Eva! x have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Eva, this is just beautiful, what an incredible experience you had. Loved reading your comment on my blog today and love reading this post of yours. Enjoy all the love in your life, it is so well deserved. Have a lovely weekend xx


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