One Thousand Gifts

~ Excitement over getting more stuff done on my super fun project for later this year

~ Having a recording device that allows me to record ideas for my story as I am working

~ Making strides in the story I am writing

~ Excitement over starting a new story as well

~ The joy I get from watching Chester Copper Bottom as he swims around in his little world

~ Watching a old time classic on TV

~ Finding a great book to read at the second had store

~ Homemade Chicken Enchiladas

~ Sweet smell of onions growing

~ The color Purple

~ To be a part of a big family

~ Hot scrambled eggs early in the morning

~  Trees full of sweet singing birds of different species 

# 253 Very thankful that the storm ravaged tree did not fall on my house. A great neighbor wrapped a chain around it until he could remove it.... Threat taken care of today... Phew! Yay I can sleep better now knowing that the tree will not fall through the roof and hit me as I sleep.

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  1. That tree sounds scary! Otherwise your list sounds so lovely! Love the clouds!

    1. Thank you Jandi, It was a bit scary thinking at any moment I could be squished! But I wasn't lol


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