Kindergarten Graduation

I have to say that it sure has been such a pleasure to be included in our nieces life this past year from her birthdays to softball to her graduation. She is so adorable... She always runs up to us when we arrive and gives us a hug and then runs off. So cute and too mature for her age. I thought that she was eight and here she is just graduating from kindergarten... sigh... I am getting to old lol
P.S. May's date night with my husband did not happen in may (Due to having way to many engagements) but happened last night... I do not have pictures but we were to go Mini Golfing but the course was broken... So we went to Galaxy Imax theater and watched "San Andrea" I didn't care for it to much but it was so fun being with the love of my life any chance I get!


  1. How lovely that you're so included Eva, it's such a gorgeous stage isn't it? Have a lovely week xx

    1. Thank you Kell, Yes I feel lucky to be invited into any of my extended families lives for anything... It adds savory spice to my life and makes me feel wanted! You have a lovely week as well xx


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