Introducing Taffy

Taffy is a small penguin that my son Michael created 

He asked if I would write a story to go along with her... 

I have now done so and now he is working on the sketches to go along with the story... 

Here are some that I love

They are not ready for the press yet as he is still fine tuning her but I am so pleased with how she looks 

So much fun... 

I have finished one story and in the process of writing three more with Taffy and her adventures

I really love to write I cannot explain what it does for me but... 

You could say it's a bit of an escape or mini vacation I take in my head lol... 

Sounds weird right lol Oh well that is me... Abby Normal as my BFF calls me


  1. Oh my Eva! This is absolutely fantastic! Would love to read all about Taffy + his adventures! X

    1. Thank you Jandi! I am so excited about getting all the books in the series finished as well! xx

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous.....pre sale list...I want on it !!!!!!


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