Happy News

My son and daughter in law will from time to time come home with a small thank you gift for me. So when they came home with this little present all wrapped up I gave it no particular thought...

But then I saw this picture

At first looking at this picture I thought "Aw, cute" but then I read "Coming soon" and "Delivery room" I looked up at them shocked... I said "Are you pregnant?" They just smiled. I re-read it again and said again "Are you pregnant?" Laughing they said "Yes" they said yes... I am so excited! I get to be a Grandmother now! Yaaaaaaay
I have known about this for some time and have been bursting to share it with all my family but wanted to wait until they had a chance to share their information for themselves first. But the cat is out of the bag now! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are the announcement pictures I took for them

We do not know what the baby is either boy or girl or twins lol just kidding but I do know that the baby will be loved by many.
Here is the official announcement they made up... So cute


  1. So exciting! Happy happy news! X

  2. Whoop woop that is super exciting.....congratulations to you all....and the photos are great xxxxx


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