Granny's Box of Papers

I came across this portrait of gran and her children
The two boys are my uncles whom I have always adored
My mother on the right and gran in the middle
I love looking at these old pictures and imaging the world they lived in
what was happening personally in their lives and in the world
I think of my children when at this age... the things that were going on,
their joys, struggles and adventures
I love this picture


  1. Beautiful photo Eva. So nice to have all these momentos! And I can imagine your granchildren reading your blog one day... X

    1. Thank you Jandi! I feel so lucky to have these mementos for sure

  2. What a beautiful family, Eva. You just reminded me of the large box of old family photos i have tucked away. I think it's time to take it out and spend an afternoon going through them. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I love old pictures... It's like taking another stroll down life's past moments and having an opportunity to relive them all over again


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