Granny's Box of Papers

I think this top picture may be my Great Grandfathers sister.. She was 80 in 1956... My gran and her share the same facial bone structure. It's amazing to me that a birthday announcement with who attended is new paper worthy. I think as I did in the last post that this is the way they shared news kind of like we do today on Facebook... So fun
Here is Joe Sparks he was also a brother to my Great Grandfather... He was 82 when he passed. His obituary states that he was a well liked person and had lived in his community for 50 some years. Both were Baptists and served in their churches many years. My great uncle Ted was a southern baptist preacher and he was such a fun man! I do not have to many memories of him but what I do is fond to me


  1. the way we share news has certainly changed! x

    1. It sure has! I remember as a child sending letters to my extended family members and waiting weeks for a reply lol... Now all I have to do is txt them for an instant reply! Technology sure is great!


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