Granny's Box of Papers

Sorry about posting this a day late... We had much loved guests over yesterday and our day was spent in great joy!
My gran saved a lot of news paper clippings. Here I found one with my Great Grandfather and attached was a hand written note by Gran his daughter with the following notation.

"We loved this picture that was put in the news paper, because daddy was as much surprised as any of us. He didn't know they were taking it."

In a time where "social media" was your next door neighbor seeing yourself in a picture on a city wide news paper was pretty exciting.

My Great Grandfather was a coal miner but got what they called "black lung" and had to leave coal mining. After leaving mining he decided (according to gran) to move to Canada but they only made it as far as Colorado. Deciding that snow was to cold and because it snowed much in Canada they stayed put in Colorado and became farmers.

This article was published on April 22nd 1956 in Mesa county Grand Junction Colorado. They offered free ex-rays and I am sure that he was there to keep tabs on his black lung. He would die only ten days short of three years from this date...

I am so grateful for my grans need to keep certain things so that I can see them today


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