Father's Day

We love our father... and wanted to celebrate Father's Day in the same fashion we did our mother
 We just made minor changes to dads (rough instructions below)

I took a blank canvas, dry painted it blue, added measured cuts of painters tape, eyeballed them into a grid, painted six different colors over the canvas and tape, removed the tape while the paint was still wet, printed out pictures of all us siblings, with one word representing what dad means to us and why, then I mod podged it all upon the grid painted canvas.

Then on a separate and larger canvas I printed words representing what our father stands for and means to us then Mod podged them to the white canvas, covered it with mod podge as well and let them all dry. When it was all dry I took my glue gun and put glue on the underside of the small canvas on the wood part of the frame and then glued it to the center of the large canvas... When it was all done I double checked all the papers making sure that they all stuck and were covered with mod podge.

The paper with the words and pictures will curl and warp... This is normal, do not touch them as they will smooth out once dried
*Note... Make sure that you watch what mod podge you buy as you may not want it to glow in the dark lol.... I did not notice that I purchased the glow in the dark kind... and now my fathers will glow at night. Oops... It was to late to change it but now we... all of us kids... will shine upon him at night! lol Right? hahaha...

Dad loved it
I would call that a success 


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