Unknown Flowers

I came across these flowers in Elko Nevada and really love them! They are purple and purple was Mandy's favorite color. I want to find out what they are and plant them around the house. I have spent a couple days trying to figure out what they are but with no luck. A girlfriend said they are "Colombian Monkshood" but that is not right. Any Ideas? They grow in bushes and are a cold climate plant. One week before I took this picture it snowed and they still thrived.

Update 5-19-2015 I submitted my picture to here Watler Reeves and I think they found out what it is! They think it may be a "Baptisia" looking at the internet it could be. They also told me to look up "Psorothamnus Schottii...


  1. they are beautiful! but I have no idea what they might be! x

  2. They are beautiful Jandi! I think I found the name but still not 100% sure I need to visit the plant again and see if the flowers opened up


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