I found a new species of black bird in my tree today... I'm so excited...
It's a Raven... but not like any other you have seen lol Just kidding it's a wood carving my brother in law carved for me...If you look really close you can see me reflecting in its eye. I wanted a ruff carved Raven for the top of the walking stick as it's my favorite bird.  They always seem to be talking to me... Everywhere I go they look down at me cawing as if in conversation... Black birds have been my favorite since I was a child. He also made me the walking stick out of Diamond Willow wood. It stands as tall as me and a great help as I walk dirt roads. Now all I have left to do is add a few embellishments and it will be done.

 It's not very big but it is a gift that makes my heart happy! Thank you Bro

Her is another sample of wood carving that my brother-in-law has done. He carves with no training, just a visual model is needed and he makes the magic. He only started carving after he retired a few years ago and is a natural at it.


  1. He is a natural at it! So talented. Hope you're having a nice week Eva xx

  2. What a fabulous keepsake and a practical one as well. Xxxx

  3. Thank you Kell, He is so talented it's hard to believe that he's had no formal training xx Thank you Bron, It is such a great keepsake for sure xx


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