One Thousand Gifts

Part three of my "People Thankful list"
~ Although you are younger than me you have the wisdom and spirit of a old soul with much knowledge and insight. I cannot tell you the countless times you have lifted me up, counseled with me or just listened. When you offer advice my heart stills and listens intently. I often reap untold blessings from your mentoring, teaching ways. I watch, I learn... I listen and try to emulate, I feel much love and respect for you, much admiration and often find myself thinking in certain situations... "What would you do?" My life would be woefully empty without you and especially your sweet family to share it with. They too are of great worth and love to me the sweet gentle souls that they are! I love you 

~ You took the time to be with me. You spent hours reading books, playing games and talking to me. I have a lifetime of fond memories of you.. A person who was a safe harbor and counselor to me. A person who sacrificed much, who worked hard and who made life fun for me. You have a gentle nature and a firm standard. Your giving and serving nature has helped me through out many troubled times. Your wisdom of heart lead me showing me the way. Some times a sounding board for all my many wild ideas that flutter in and out of my mind and especially today for the person that you are to me! I love you

~ I love you for much to many reasons to list here but I wanted to share an act of love towards me from you two that is forever burned into my little child's heart of memories. When you have nothing in life you appreciate everything especially when you are a small child living in a world that is in constant change. The day in question is one of a particular act done to me and my sister when we knew that a particular holiday would be spent without... We went to sleep that night knowing in the morning we would have to face it without... But that was not so! You two gave us a gift of pure joy... our hearts were disbelieving of what we beheld. But most of all you gave us the gift of restored faith in a world of disruption and sometimes chaos. A gift of allowing us to be children for a bit longer. Enjoying that blessed holiday only as small children do. I hold many more wondrous memories of you two close to my heart. I love you

# 239 My life is only strengthened and enriched by having you in my life! I love you

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  1. what a gift- the gift to be a child... xxxx

    1. it's magical and filled with adventures and we as adults can make special things happen! It is a gift for sure x


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