One Thousand Gifts

Part two of my "people" thankful list
~ You two have had a pretty tough life, I am sorry for that. What I see in you today are two that have not only over come the bad but have used that to your advantage! Today you two are pillars of strength to those who need you, and a kind gentleness to those who may be in need of your special talents. Living life to the best of your abilities you embrace many and name even more your brothers and sisters. With smiles on your faces you love unconditionally and you treat everyone with great respect! I am very proud of you and just thinking of you two makes my heart smile! I love you both

~ I cannot say enough about you dear one, but I will try a bit! I see you as if standing on the top of a hill but you are alone, sword in one hand, gentleness in the other. Although you feel you must travel this life alone let me say you do not. I am here for you! You do for yours what you see needs to be done in spite of the fact that your body rebels against you. I have witnessed time and time again your generosity, willingness to do what it takes, daily and long hours doing what is needed for assistance and after having worked a full day first. Days started before the sun wakes and then well after it's gone down to assist in that sweet little angels physical issues and more. Where you've been and where you are now is astounding and I stand in awe of you my dear one! You are an example to me of service, charity and love. I love you my dear one

~ My little sweet angel, dearest little one. You make my heart full of love for you. In your short span of life you have had to endure much that no one should have to endure. When ever I am blessed to be with you I am struck by the pure joy, love and happiness you have for life, life as you know it. Your sweetness of heart and genuine love for those around you is infectious. You have a thankfulness of heart that I have never seen in one so small! You are happy just to share moments of time with someone that you love and that is all you need for that space of time. If I could be half the person that you are I would improve in life a hundred fold... Even though you've not been on earth very long I hold you as an example to me of pureness, tenderness, undiluted and ever accepting of everyone with all their faults still loving them in spite of any flaws. And dare I say Christ like! I imagine that is what I would be loved like, accepted like and held dear. I love you my sweet little angel

# 235 Having you all in my life

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