One Thousand Gifts

A Thankful list about some people in my life. I won't embarrass them by sharing their name but if you think a piece is about you!.... Then your probably right

~ When you were small my heart melted. When you laughed I laughed until tears came. Watching the wonder and amazement cross your face when you experienced new things made me experience them all over again through your eyes. I fell in love over and over again and just when my heart could not hold any more love for you it grew and grew allowing even more love flowing over and out and covering the entire earth spilling over into the universes for you. A piece of my heart and soul abides in you... I'm proud of you... of the person you grew to be. The way you live your life... The way you take care of the people in your sphere. I am proud of the way you show compassion and care for those who are all around you and the gentle soul you grew into be! I love you with all my heart, soul, might, mind and strength and every breath I take... I will forever love you! heart of my heart

~ You stood by me, held my hand, guided me through the deepest most darkest place and time in my life and am still here. You continually give until you have no more and then somehow find more to give. You not only hold me up but many others as well with the wisdom from your own life's experiences. You give when you have nothing to give sharing the very food on your sparse plate with the many others who have less. Your example... the way you live.... the very acts of kindness, selflessness and generosity truly amaze me. It is my honor and pleasure to have you in my life to call you mine even though we do not share blood... I love you

~ You are a woman of great compassion, love and one who does not hesitate to run to the aid of your family. A woman of great worth... A woman of self sacrifice and a great example to me.  A woman though in pain strives to do her best. A woman who I have very many fond memories of and hold great love and respect for. You gave to me a special and significant gift that I will forever be thankful for and one that I will NEVER forget... A woman whom I am proud and happy to call my own!!! I love you 

# 231 Having you in my life

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  1. Beautiful tributes to the people in your life. You are blessed to have them as I am sure they are to have you xxx

  2. Wow! What a beautiful love letter to the people you are blessed to have in your life. How very sweet of you to acknowledge them.


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