One Thousand Gifts

~ Receiving really funny misspelled txts from my mother (I laughed until I cried)

~ The shadows of an afternoon sun playing across the book I am currently reading

~ Relaxation music playing softly causing a sweet peace and calm to enter my heart

~ An afternoon storm releasing the sweet smells of rain

~ Dark clouds filling the sky with lightning as it rains

~ The pitter patter sound that rain makes as it hits the ground

~ The gentle sound of thunder in the distance

~ A cool breeze softly pushing the curtains here and there

~ The caress of the cool breeze against my face as I sit watching the storm pass

~ The color green popping up everywhere as spring continues its dance with the rain

~ Emotions

~ Grandmothers who's legacy's still live on in my heart

~ Sweet tender huggs and love from a great niece

~ Time to read a book

~ Watching rabbits, quail and birds jumping around my yard

~ Warmth of the sun breaking through the storm clouds touching my skin even if only for a moment

~ The love I hold for my sweet sons and their dear wives

# 227 Most especially the deep love I hold dear for the partner of my heart, my life, my husband

Joining here with Bron


  1. what a beautiful list... so much gratitude and love xx

  2. Yes I agree what a beautiful need to follow that writing thing in are a natural xxxx


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