Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I like to do something for my mothers that is personal and from the heart... My mother-in-law loves flowers and more especially center piece bouquets. Although I am no florist or decorator I attempted at one and she loved it. Her favorite flowers are carnations...

My mother is very sentimental so I made her a painting on a canvas (My son helped paint it) I had each of my siblings give a word that best described our mother and why. then I glued that canvas upon another one with one word affirmations that embodies our mothers attributes then mod podge it all together
Both my mothers loved their gifts. My husband and I split the day between both their homes visiting and celebrating their life on Mother's Day. 


  1. what thoughtful, precious gifts! I hope you had a beautiful day too!

  2. Hi Jandi... I had a fun day with all my family thank you so much x

  3. What a great idea for a sentimental mom. I bet she loved it. Very personal and very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Cassadie! I am always looking for ideas to surprise my mother with. She is the kind of woman that would rather have a letter from us than a diamond ring lol she is a great mother

  5. You are such a good daughter....they are both beautiful ideas and I can see why they each loved what you came up with...hope you were treated with lots of lovely things too. xxx

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