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I found this letter written to my gran about her lineage. This letter has a bit of history about my 10x's and down great grand parents. I think it is a interesting read for my family... (I have not proved any of this and have found more info here about the content listed in this letter)

This letter was written in 1991 Dec 30th and the information was garnered at that time from the Hudson family association.

Richard Hudson (1) He is the earliest known Hudson in the United States and was born in 1605 in England the son of William Hudson and Alice Turner. He lived in Virginia as early as 1634/35 and was a Mariner of Hungars Creek. He married three times first wife unknown but they had a son, Richard (2) His second marriage about 1638 was to Mrs. Mary Hayes a widow. The third marriage was 1652 to Barbara Jacob.

Richard Hudson (2) He was born 1634 and married about 1658/59 to Mary Bowman. They had three sons, Richard (3) Robert and William. With the westward movement to find more land Richard became the head of the Amelia Co. Va Hudson's. Robert became the head of the Chesterfield Co, Va Hudson's and William became the head of the Hanover Co, Va Hudson's. 

Richard Hudson (3) He was born about 1660 Possibly married to Mary Hall and had six sons

Richard Hudson (4) He was born about 1690, married Martha Ward and died prior to 1773.

Ward Hudson (5) He was born about 1735 and married Martha a spinster on the 8th of August 1761. He died 1793 in Va.

John Hudson (6) He was born in 1762 and married Mary Beasley in October 1781 on the 16th. They had four children. He died in 1790 in Va.

Mason Ward Hudson (7) He was born 22nd of Feb in 1789 and married Jane Haynes 19th of Feb 1805. He died on 6th of Sept 1860.

Beasly Ward Hudson (8) He was born on 4th of Dec 1826 in Ga. He married Elizabeth A. Keaton on  22nd of Dec in 1847 He died August 6th in 1865

Olivia Ann Hudson (9) She was born 27th Aug 1850 and married Jonas Harris Sparks on 23rd Dec 1866. She died 20th Oct 1926 in Texas

Jonas David Sparks (10) Born 28th Sept 1874 Married Eva Young. He died 12th Apr 1959 in Colorado 

Vinita Sparks (11) Born 25th Jul 1913 Married Lee Roy Apedaile 23rd Jun 1936 Had three children and died on 10th Apr 2008

Eunice (12) My mother... Married Vernon

Eva (13) and me! Phew... That was long. What do you think brother and sisters? Pretty cool right... Call me if you have any questions I can tell you what I know


  1. Great to have such history in writing! X

  2. Thank you Jandi! I was so happy to find this. I have always been fascinated with family history xx

  3. What a great mum's name is/ was Eunice!
    I am sure your family will love seeing all these beauties you have discovered and are now sharing xxxx

    1. I think that is sooooo cool that our moms share the same name! xxxx


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