Granny's Box of Papers

In 1943 My gran or gramps not sure who looks like it could have been my gramps, had surgery performed and the bill totaled $16.65 Crazy right? Today $16.65 would be worth around $224.69 with inflation. My hospital stay in January makes that bill look like one penny today

The room; was 4.00 a day,
Mine; was around 3,000.00
The; surgery was 10.00
Mine; no surgery but complicated testing was around 5,000.00
The labs; were 2.50
Mine; were about 1,000.00

The total and itemized services fit on one page
Mine were in a "war and peace" sized envelope I spent a week reading and still do not know what it all means! (I exaggerate a bit) 

So simple... no book of itemized charges... no insurance figured in and best of all extremely inexpensive considering what we have to pay today for services.

Gran kept some of her bills... after all my bills are paid I toss the invoices... She kept this one, I would not know how much things cost for her if she had not kept this... Humm I think I need to evaluate things kept and tossed here for my grandchildren to see in the future... 


  1. It is amazing what we can learn from kept things from the past.....the only thing is that you don't want to be swamped with keeping your life for someone else.

    Let's hope there are no more expensive medical bills for you to keep for anyone to look at. Xxxxxxx


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