Granny's Box of Papers

So many papers from Granny to go through... I am trying to figure out a way to organize everything so that when my siblings come for a visit they can flip through it all. I am now filing the many correspondences she kept into page protectors in a binder to keep them protected.

Today I came across this announcement of a Bronze memorial set as a tribute to my Great Grandfather and now I want to go see it...

I did not know where he was buried so I did some digging around in and found him. He is buried at the "Memorial Gardens" in Grand Junction Colorado. Looks like a trip is in order hehe I can visit my sister while I am there for some good sister time!

Oh and did you see the 6 cent stamp???


  1. Your grandmother must have been very organized, Eva. Everything looks so well preserved. Can you believe stamps were only 6 cents way back when?
    So nice of you to continue to keep all of her papers in such good order.

  2. Thank you Susan, when going through my Granny's things I feel a piece her in them... She was organized and I think I could learn from that lol. I am getting to know her a little better through it all


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