B_ _ _ _ _ _ Y... You know that thing that comes once a year whether you want it to or not

So on this day... (Shh we will pretend just another regular day) I did what I like to do best! Take Pictures... And... well laundry because I can't go around in my bday suit even if my bday, and packing things up for storage, and grocery shopping, and cleaning, and taking the dogs out, and a wee bit of rest but the best was a walkabout in my back yard taking pictures... I love taking pictures. So here are pictures of how I spent this day...
 The line up of books I've been reading so far this year. Below is the one I loved the most
My Mothers Tear
 One of our weathered house numbers

 A refreshing bit of rain
 My baby aloe
 The home where our oldest dog stays when outside
 Green is my favorite color! Do I need to say why?
This little bird landed here and started singing to me! He must have known it was that day and was making me happy with his sweet songs... You know that day... that one that only comes once a year lol

The drought has taken a toll on our vegetation this year... The new growth is dying before it gets a chance to grow
Beautiful wild flowers (weeds)

 Reclaimed wood for a couple projects
 Heart Rocks
I told my baby girl that every time I find a heart rock I know that she is sending me love from above! Today I found three. I have been looking for almost a year without finding one and today of all days I found three! She is sending me extra love today

 Sun Bathing
Lovely Weather on this special of days... My most favorite kind of weather

A very Happy day for me over all


  1. Happy happy birthday to you...Thankyou for letting me know ....surrounded by so many happy things...especially heart rocks .

  2. Happy birthday dear Eva! Hope you will have a beautiful year! Xxxx

  3. Thank you very much! <3 xxx


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