April Date Night

We are getting ready to go on our May date night and just realized that I have not shared our April date night... Here are a few of the highlights

April date night was spent at the Circus... "Circus Circus Casino hotel" to be exact. In 1978 on July 1st The hotel was opened to the public and I was hooked. 

I spent a lot of time there going out on dates (with my now husband) watching the acrobats, sideshows and animal acts but the most fun was had at playing all the games. 

We would challenge each other to see who could win the most prizes I was not quick enough or clever enough to beat him but the sweetheart that he was gave me all his winnings in the end.

I remember this place with many fond memories of a happier time in my youth. In my mind I can still hear, smell and see all the moments with crystal clarity and it makes my heart smile.

On this date night as we stepped over the threshold of the Midway it was like being transported back in time. 

The years melted away
The infirm brought on by age disappeared
The worries of life forgotten 

And just like magic there stood two teenagers holding hands very much in love with anticipation and excitement filling their souls

"What game do you want to try first?" I asked
"What ever you desire" He responds

I smile take his hand and we play, laugh and watch the acrobatics just like we did all those years ago.. This time though I win and win and win again... He cheats in my favor this man of my heart...

I win lots of prizes and laugh and smile and my heart falls in love all over again with my sweet husband and I know that this date thing has more to it than just going out with each other once a month... 

I see that it creates a much stronger bond to the second part of our lives together. One that I had not anticipated as my love for him is already very strong and to feel it grow just amazes me and humbles me all the more. Date night... A night well spent


  1. Oh how so very fantastic....two young love birds....you deserve all this fun you are having xxxx

  2. What a truly beautiful post! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time together and that your love for one another continues to grow. What an incredible gift!

  3. Thank you Bron and Susan, We sure had a great night!


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