They Are Back

I have been waiting for the wild horses to show back up and they have! Yay. I haven't glimpsed the ones in our neighborhood yet. We came across this herd on our way to my parents house tonight. In this first picture this horse was standing as a sentry guard. At his alert the herd moved up the hill a little but when he started grazing in the picture below they stopped and continued to eat! I love horses. I am anxious to see our herd this year and see if there are any new little ones like last year.

 In the picture below you can see a young foal... So sweet


  1. Such a magic sight...look forward to seeing them feature here often. Xxx

  2. How beautiful! I have always loved horses! X

  3. I Love horses also... they always make me smile with amazement and I never tire of them. Such noble creatures they are.


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