The House at the end of the curved road

At the end of a curved road sits a house, a house unadorned abandoned and alone. The house sits empty now but twas not always so.

In her early day she was as grand as grand could be hosting many of celebrations, parties and humble visitors from all around. 

In the heart of the house lived families who cared for and loved her greatly and in return she sheltered them, protected them and gave them safe harbor from the harsh elements of the world. Outside her walls were the best and healthiest array of fresh grown food that was the mainstay of many meals shared over many years with many people.

For a long time she reigned as a grand house with children under her trees running around while parents prepared many picnics on lazy Sunday afternoons where weddings were special events that drew the town’s folk decked out in their finery and dances were an integral part of life and where people made bonds and ties that would last a life time. 

A place where you knew who your neighbor was and counted them among your friends in good or troubled times often they were among the first to come to your aid if needed. Life was simple then but as we all know time marches on and nothing lasts forever.

New superhighways, mega factories and high buildings hosting state of the art offices were built. Houses with super technology superseded the old. No longer did you have to do anything but lift a finger as you purchased all you wanted or needed on the internet without ever having left the comfort of your chair.

The once proud bustling town now abandoned as people scattered like ants in the rain across the four corners of the world in search of better things. So the house at the end of the curved road now sat alone sacrificed in the name of progress. Dust now covers her windows paint peels off her walls and the once loved veranda where many had once sat visiting now weathers in the wind and rain.

Left alone and forgotten she sits… one shutter gone one hanging by the hinge. Spiders now make their long silky webs attracting the occasional feast across what use to be bright green shutters in windows that once hosted long flowing curtains shifting in the gentle wind. Where little boys with sling shots and girls with long tresses would sit gazing out them, men with pipes would stand musing through them and mothers placed freshly baked apple pies cooling and enticing passerby’s to stop for a visit entranced by the heavenly scent.

Many decades pass…

A sick young woman who doctors hold no hope for leaves the city with her family for the last time looking for help that no one can give. She somehow knows that city living has been the root cause of her illness and that the country will help offer the healing she so desperately needs. 

So they pack up and leave the city driving… hours and hours… the hours turn into day’s the day’s turn into nights and nights turn back into days many miles did they travel away from the city in search of this new life and with that maybe a little hope.

Early one day in the wee hours of the morning they come across a curved road quite by accident. At the end of this curved road was an abandoned house the woman gazed at the house through the car window as they passed. Quite suddenly feeling a connection she could not explain she turned in her seat trying to keep the house in site feeling a pull that was mesmerizing to her soul. 

Calling to her husband to stop the car he pulled over and they got out. The woman as if being pulled by an invisible string walked toward the house till she met the veranda then stopped and as if in a dream stood there taking in the view.

The kids happy to be free of their back seat prison ran around under a very large very over grown tree laughing and having fun unaware of anything other than the next great treasure that this large tree was sure to reveal.

Taking his wife’s hand he stares in wonder at the change on the woman’s face as she gazed at the house with a smile so big on her face as to make a tear appear in the corner of her husband's eye. Not sure what has caused her reaction he revels in the moment drinking in the pure happiness emanating from her.

In the woman's mind she knew that this house was her house the place she had been dreaming about before they left the city, the place that would heal her body and soul she knew it, she felt it, she could already feel her body reacting to the call from the house and land. A small amount of hope fills her soul as she hears it's beckoning.

Taking her husband’s hand they walk around the outside of the house as she envisioned what the once grand place must have looked like, how people had once lived with in her walls, to those who must have loved and been happy there, to the small garden that was overgrown but still filled with wild vegetables, and finally to the large tree where one of her children now hung upside down swinging back and forth while the other chased a frog.

The woman felt somehow renewed and with pleading eyes looked up into her husband’s face with such yearning to call this place their home.

As he gazed into her face it was with great awe as he had not hoped or even imagined that she would have or could have a fighting chance to recover from the ravages that the sickness had visited upon her body and soul but now looking into the face of his most loved wife he knew in his heart for the first time that there was hope.

With unspoken words he took her face between his hands and kissed her gently on the forehead then smiling he nodded his head and grabbing her up he started spinning her around and around laughing at the pure joy they both felt as hope poured back into their hearts and souls.

Two years later…

The woman smiles as she looks through the window at her children playing under the large tree. She is writing yet another book from her much loved series of children’s stories about the magical house and the adventures that Henry and Gale experience while exploring all its hidden secrets. It’s a highly successful series one of great fascination and excitement throughout its pages and one that is in great demand held in the hearts of its readers.

Her husband enters the house through the back door whistling. As he passes the window where his wife is sitting he bends to give her a hug still not believing that his life turned out so great! The blessing of his wife's recovery and the pure happiness that living within these walls gave them all.

This once old abandoned house was now renewed to its former glory. Its walls shone bright and were decorated with many pictures of adventures they have had since living here. You see his wife's books entranced the readers so much that they all came in droves to see the magical house, to partake of its magic and hopefully take some magic home with them. Others moved to the town because it was made magical by the house at the end of the curve and it shone down upon them all spreading its light and happiness.

The house was now host to many celebrations and parties held here for anyone to join especially the towns folk because you see this town was now filled with very many people once again. People now lived and loved here in this tiny town and the house at the end of the curved road was once again the center of town much loved and cared for by those who lived and loved within her walls. 

Written by Eva Spell 


  1. So beautifully written Eva! Loved reading this! X

  2. Thank you Jandi! I love to write but have not had anything published. I have three books I have been working on for a couple of years now... I love the creation part of it all and how easy it is to get lost in my own work xxx

  3. I read this a little while ago...and wanted the time to come back and say how drawn in I was ...I wanted to get to the end and find out if it was a true story and if indeed you had written was truly mesmerising....the characters came so to life....I hope you are considering doing something more with your writing xxxxxxxx


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