One Thousand Gifts

~ A fun but quite Easter

~ Easter crock pot dinner always a delight

~ The many pretty colors of Easter eggs

~ Watching a special Easter program that inspires my soul

~ A visit to a special place to spend time in memory of loved ones passed

~ Family with all their idiosyncrasies, personalities, quarks and fun loving traits towards each other

~ A deed done for my husband and I that will forever be appreciated by two people that I love very much!

~ Another date night filled with memories made and fun had

~ A life so full with many, many things to absorb my time leaving no room for a pity party (Yay)

# 202 Snow! Pure white snow falling as I drive... I love snow!


  1. Hi Eva - I'm so glad you had such a lovely Easter - you deserve all good things!

  2. Wow big list...much love to you. Xxx

  3. Thank you Susan! Good list this week Bron Much love right back at you too xxxx


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