March Date Night

Oh boy the time is flying so fast I cannot keep up. I find that my moments for blogging are fewer than I would like but that is life! Ever changing, ever flowing weaving in and out and in between those around us interacting and sharing. That makes the journey of life worth it don't you think? So... On to our date night. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of us at the theater as they do not allow cameras inside but we had a really fun night watching the movie "Cinderella" not the cartoon but the movie. I LOOOOOVVVVED IT. I would like to purchase the movie when it comes out. But what was really cool is the place where we watched the movie
The "Imax" built a new theater at the Legends mall. This place has reclining seats and swivel snack trays for your favorite snacks. Oh man! What a comfortable place to watch a movie. No one in my back with their knees, no one walking on my feet as they leave and come back in during the movie!!! Even when reclined there is room to walk past without me putting up my seat and the best part it only cost me $8.00's a person... Wow I am going here from now on so cool. Now on to our April date night.... Hehe I am really excited about this one. It brings back childhood memories and I am ready! I will share with you later...


  1. Very cool...and such a bargain....hoping to go and see that movie with my Meg....I have herd it is your excitement of the anticipation of your next date... Xxxx


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