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The House at the end of the curved road

At the end of a curved road sits a house, a house unadorned abandoned and alone. The house sits empty now but twas not always so.
In her early day she was as grand as grand could be hosting many of celebrations, parties and humble visitors from all around. 
In the heart of the house lived families who cared for and loved her greatly and in return she sheltered them, protected them and gave them safe harbor from the harsh elements of the world. Outside her walls were the best and healthiest array of fresh grown food that was the mainstay of many meals shared over many years with many people.
For a long time she reigned as a grand house with children under her trees running around while parents prepared many picnics on lazy Sunday afternoons where weddings were special events that drew the town’s folk decked out in their finery and dances were an integral part of life and where people made bonds and ties that would last a life time. 
A place where you knew who your neighbor was and cou…

Re-growing Celery

I.......... Love, Love, Love Celery.  I love the texture the saltiness the crunch it makes when I bite into it  it's cheap too but the health benefits are what make me happy  check out this site for more info. Thanks to this site for the idea I decided to grow my own  Here are the results after three days I am excited... Truthfully... I didn't expect it to work But I am not done yet, next I have to replant it and tend to it... Then if all goes well I will be eating my home re-grown celery this fall Yummmmmmm

Base Ball Season

It is baseball season here and my little niece is playing I am so happy to watch her play. It was a pleasure to surprise her today showing up unannounced. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. She loves her uncle Joe too! He always has candy. When she comes to our house for a visit she runs to his hiding place to get into his stash... She is the only one who knows where it is lol In this last picture my niece is tired and ready to have the game over... She did great though running around and paying really good attention. That is a good thing at her age... I had a really good day watching them all play

One Thousand Gifts

~ Living in a neighborhood where people still use wood burning stoves... The smell is sooo good. Reminds me of my childhood when we went camping almost every weekend in the summer
~ My BFF is back on the internet! Woo Hoo.... 
~ Received my great nieces baseball schedule for the summer and really excited to watch that little one play ball
~ More snow... I love snow...
~ Tulips growing in spite of the snow falling
~ Caught up on a bunch of rest on my days off... Much needed rest
# 209 Special love notes to me from my sweet husband... Yep he's a keeper lol
Joining with Bron Here

March Date Night

Oh boy the time is flying so fast I cannot keep up. I find that my moments for blogging are fewer than I would like but that is life! Ever changing, ever flowing weaving in and out and in between those around us interacting and sharing. That makes the journey of life worth it don't you think? So... On to our date night. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of us at the theater as they do not allow cameras inside but we had a really fun night watching the movie "Cinderella" not the cartoon but the movie. I LOOOOOVVVVED IT. I would like to purchase the movie when it comes out. But what was really cool is the place where we watched the movie
The "Imax" built a new theater at the Legends mall. This place has reclining seats and swivel snack trays for your favorite snacks. Oh man! What a comfortable place to watch a movie. No one in my back with their knees, no one walking on my feet as they leave and come back in during the movie!!! Even when reclined there is …

One Thousand Gifts

~ A fun but quite Easter

~ Easter crock pot dinner always a delight

~ The many pretty colors of Easter eggs

~ Watching a special Easter program that inspires my soul

~ A visit to a special place to spend time in memory of loved ones passed

~ Family with all their idiosyncrasies, personalities, quarks and fun loving traits towards each other

~ A deed done for my husband and I that will forever be appreciated by two people that I love very much!

~ Another date night filled with memories made and fun had

~ A life so full with many, many things to absorb my time leaving no room for a pity party (Yay)

# 202 Snow! Pure white snow falling as I drive... I love snow!

Where did the snow go?

I knew by the look of these clouds I would see snow  And here it was
Then as fast as it came it was gone... Today was a really great day! I love the snow and was able to drive through much of it. I was surprised it didn't last to long. In the picture below on the left is the park at 8:30 am. The pic on the right is the same park at 2:00 pm..... Wow! I was sure that the snow would last a bit but it dried up so fast. I sure had a fun day driving through the snow today!!!!

They Are Back

I have been waiting for the wild horses to show back up and they have! Yay. I haven't glimpsed the ones in our neighborhood yet. We came across this herd on our way to my parents house tonight. In this first picture this horse was standing as a sentry guard. At his alert the herd moved up the hill a little but when he started grazing in the picture below they stopped and continued to eat! I love horses. I am anxious to see our herd this year and see if there are any new little ones like last year.

 In the picture below you can see a young foal... So sweet

Granny's Box of Papers

In Gram's box of papers I came across this program from 1944 where she worked serving our military men a Christmas dinner. She worked as a Civil Service servant for our military men way back then. Here is a copy of a program for dinner that night (My mom was 3)
A very nice dinner for sure And here is her name Vinita Jilek named so at that time. This invitation adds some color to what she did and also adds a bit more history and understanding for me about her. I think of her answering the call to duty for our country and trying to do her part for our countrymen. Well Gram... I never knew this about you but I am so proud!