One Thousand Gifts

~ Lovely Sunrise this morning

~ A sister doing her best to care for her family... I see you sis... You are the best!

~ A fun visit with my sister and mother... A standing date each month

~ Spying a spider basking in the sun in a hallway, I would have taken him outside but he ran away

~ That same spider inspiring me to write another book... A children's story book

~ A nudge from fellow blogger encouraging me to take up a dream long ago given up on... Painting

~ A home made walking stick gifted to me by my brother in law for my new hobby... Hiking! 

~ Being to busy to feel bored

~ The opportunity to pass on the art of crochet... a great pass time

~ A good review at work

# 192 Ice Cream.... Shh I am not suppose to eat ice cream... Yummy 


  1. I'm chucking about #192 - the ice cream. I've been cutting way back on the sugar, but on April 1st, the ice cream shop at the top of the mountain will be open for the season. It's a dairy farm and they make it themselves so I'll be the first one on line! Last year I had to laugh because the parking lot was filled with women sitting in their cars eating ice cream!

  2. That is so funny about the women in their cars. That must be some really fantastic Ice cream to be eaten in the car before going on their way lol. Wow a dairy farm that makes fresh made ice cream soooo very cool!

  3. Wow some surprises in there...painting, book writing and icecream eating.
    I love the standing dates with my sisters xxxx


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