One Thousand Gifts

~ Spring time really blooming in our little corner of the world

~ The continued progress of the healing process after a ruff start the the new year

~ A precious son although living so far away is never to busy to talk to me

~ Messages that bring to mind that there really are good people out there who care

~ Women gathered to clean the church and then sharing breakfast together

~ The love and support of women who listen, care and share with each other

~ Long time friendships

~ A really special young man getting married to a wonderful woman

~ His sister giving birth to her first child and becoming a beautiful mother (she has the best example)

~ Excitement over things done and time spent with my special husband 

~ Crunch 'n Munch... What more do I have to say

~ Clean and happy puppy's running around to get dirty again... Fun to watch

~ Comfort of a best friend who's attention has kept me up through some pretty bad times

~ The beauty of the sun poking its rays through the clouds and feeling warm on my skin (my personal spotlight today saying your a child of God)

~  Long talks, shared love, plans made and executed... now reaping the rewards

# 181 Having knowledge enough to help someone who is confused with certain technology even though I am not the best at it myself

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  1. Hi Eva -Isn't is wonderful to have so many things to be grateful for? It looks like you have many people in your life that really love you. You must be a very special person. You are truly blessed.

  2. Aw... Thank you Susan, I truly do feel very blessed to have many people whom I love in my life whether family, friend or acquaintance. I like to say that you get what you put out there and relationships are no different. You could say that relationships are like flowers they need tending and I love to garden lol


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