One Thousand Gifts

~ Loving my new route that takes me out to far places where the only thing I see are mountains, animals, fields of sage brush and alfalfa and an occasional rumbly tumbly storm.

~ Clouds, clouds and more clouds. I love clouds

~ A quiet day spent doing laundry, reading and basking in the sun

~ Enjoying each month a new family photo on the calendar my son and daughter in law made for me this past Christmas

~ Spending time with my nephew and his family celebrating his daughters 7th birthday and having the opportunity to make her birthday cake

~ Although my great niece has CP, she is one of the most sweetest persons I know (I may be prejudice though lol)

~ Eating fresh sweet and juicy strawberries

~ Gentle touches from my sweet husband (I love this man)

~ Climbing into bed after a long and busy day of spring cleaning before spring

# 165 Spending a wonderful date night with my sweet husband


  1. Oh such sweetness this and celebratory occasions are so very good to be thankful for. xxx


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