Lazy Day Stills

 St. Patty's Day 
 Spring, Springing 

 Baby Jade shoot
 Hummmm, Which color to paint with

 My new mountain climbing stick
 Diamond wood
 My sweet puppies
Happiness in the living of my daily life


  1. Wow great photo the inspiration...soon time to get the slow cooker out here. xxxx

  2. Love your photos, Eva. We're expecting snow again tomorrow so your beautiful photos of flowers are filling me with hope. Chicken dinner in the crockpot? It looks really good!
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you Bron, I love my crock pot!
    Thank you Susan, I cannot believe how much snow is falling back east! Flowers are so lovely, I miss the ones I grew in California.

  4. Your flower photos are beautiful Eva, so pretty. And how cute are those dogs! Gorgeous! xx

  5. Thank you Kell... I love my dogs


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